We offer foods that are sustainable and locally sourced as much as possible to fit the needs of  the private event or the retreat. We aim to create plant based offerings that help to shift the lens towards conscious and plant based food.


We use storytelling and themes to create multi sensory dining experiences that allow the guest to deeply connect to the food in front of them. We aim to create an event in which you can radically shift your relationship to food, where it comes from and how it impacts your bodies.


Menu consultation in creating a diverse profile of vegan and vegetarian food items, with a focus on brain and gut health. Programming supporting culinary and nutrition workshops and recipe development for finished products geared towards; anxiety, mood, sleep and energy enhancement. 


“It’s not food, it’s art. There are certain things you naturally expect from a dinner experience-quality, delicious fresh food, are a given. But what I adore about Brainfood is that they bring their best artistry and genuine passion to the table and the experience is nothing less than uninhibited, refreshing, thoughtful and surprising. You can see and taste the intention and creativity in every dish they design. They honour food in such a way that is so sacred and pleasurable, and to me that is a rare and highly sensational experience.

-Ashley Klassen (Photographer/Studio Owner)

“It was such a pleasure to work with the incredible ladies of Brain Food, Maxine and Taylor. These ladies came up with the perfect menu (they were so accommodating and flexible with each of my requests) to suit our day-long event, and keep everyone well-nourished. The plant-forward spread of dishes that they displayed SO beautifully in the venue really did exceed my expectations – both the presentation and quality of ingredients were phenomenal. Our guests were truly blown away by the food and became instant fans of Brain Food, as well. I can’t wait to work with these ladies again, soon!

– Allison Asis (Cadette Jewelry)

Maxine Shifrin & Taylor Wild


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